Why choose private ambulance services over Government ambulances?

Ambulance service is a boon to people who need immediate medical attention. But there is much confusion about whether to choose Government ambulances or Private Ambulances. In this blog, I will share an overview of the private ambulance services and Government ambulances because both are the best and provide immediate medical transportation services.


Government Ambulance Service


If you are in a situation where you need an ambulance for your loved ones or someone else in your society, you just give a call to 102 or 108, and a free-of-cost 24/7 ambulance service comes up with Advanced medical equipment and takes you to the nearest government hospital.


Government ambulances are free and many benefits there in the back. However, they do have certain problems. For example, the government has given each state 100 ambulances, which results in a huge supply and demand imbalance where there is only one ambulance for every 30,000 people. The fact that only two hospitals in each city provide aid to the 108 makes it difficult for ambulances to arrive at the hospital in time.


If you have heard or not, a couple of months back, a two-year-old baby died at the hospital and the poor family was denied a free ambulance facility even as the father, Poojaram Jatav, pleaded. Consequently, left to find an ambulance or a car to transport the body home. (source)


Secondly, you might have also heard, a newborn baby died and the helpless father gave a desperate call to ambulance services for an ambulance to take his son’s body back to his residence at Kaliaganj. The government ambulance service provider, who is supposed to provide a free service, refused to transport the hearse unless Rs 8,000 was paid. (Source)


And there are many cases out there, you will see daily in the news.


Private Ambulance Service


When covid-19 hit, sudden the demand for emergency situations raised, the demand for ambulance services increased and government ambulances failed to serve everyone. And that’s where private ambulance services came into the picture and played a crucial role.


Private ambulance services are more proficient and keep you equipped with Advanced care. Let’s have a look at some benefits of private ambulances:


  1. Prompt Response Time:


Private ambulance services are known for their quick response times. As they are focused solely on providing ambulance services, they can dedicate their resources and personnel to ensuring swift response and timely arrival at the scene of an emergency.


  1. Availability and Reliability:


Private ambulance services operate around the clock, ensuring continuous availability. This reliability is crucial, especially in situations where government ambulances may be limited due to high demand or other operational constraints.


  1. Flexibility and Customization:


Private ambulance services offer a higher degree of flexibility and customization options. They can tailor their services to meet the specific needs and requirements of hospitals, ensuring seamless integration with the hospital’s existing infrastructure and protocols.


  1. Advanced Medical Equipment and Technology:


Private ambulance services often invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology to provide advanced care during transit. This includes specialized equipment for critical care, cardiac monitoring, and other life-saving interventions, enhancing patient outcomes.


  1. Well-Trained and Specialized Staff:


Private ambulance services prioritize training and education for their staff, ensuring that they are well equipped to handle various medical emergencies. The personnel are often highly skilled, including paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) with specialized training.


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  1. Efficient Communication and Coordination:


Private ambulance services have well-established communication systems and coordination mechanisms in place. Their dispatch centers are equipped with modern technology to efficiently communicate with hospitals, facilitating seamless information exchange and coordination during emergencies.


  1. Seamless Hospital Integration:


Private ambulance services work closely with hospitals, creating streamlined processes for patient transfers and admissions. This integration leads to smoother handovers, reduced delays, and enhanced continuity of care.


  1. Additional Services and Specialized Transport:


Private ambulance services may offer additional services beyond emergency transport, such as non-emergency medical transportation, event medical coverage, and inter-facility transfers. They often have specialized vehicles to accommodate patients with specific needs, such as bariatric or neonatal transport.


  1. Customized Billing and Documentation:


Private ambulance services provide detailed and customized billing and documentation services, catering to the specific requirements of hospitals. This can simplify the administrative tasks associated with ambulance services and ensure accurate and efficient reimbursement processes.


  1. Increased Focus on Patient Experience:


Private ambulance services prioritize delivering exceptional patient experiences. With a strong emphasis on customer service and patient satisfaction, they strive to provide compassionate care and personalized attention throughout the ambulance journey.


And there are many more benefits….


The drawback of Private Ambulance Service


As we have seen many benefits of choosing private ambulances over Government ambulances but private ambulance services have some drawbacks as well.


The #1 Drawbacks of private Ambulance services is the cost.


Private ambulance services often come with higher costs compared to government ambulances. The expenses associated with private providers may include service fees, additional charges for specialized equipment, and customized services. Hospital management must carefully assess their budget and financial resources before opting for private ambulance services.


Why to choose Hanuman Ambulance Over others?


Although, not every ambulance service provider is equal. Hanuman is the best solution for the issues that you might face while calling a government ambulance. We are committed to provide the greatest services around-the-clock with the quickest ambulances and making sure that nobody expires while waiting for an ambulance. We have strong connectivity with all the major hospitals across the country thus, you never face difficulty in getting instant medical attention. So, when you connect with Hanuman, you not only get an ambulance but also get several advantages that no other service providers could provide:


1. Hanuman is available 24/7 in both digital and offline modes which Government Ambulance lacks.


2. You get the finest ambulances at the price of the cheapest cabs and autos. Instant connectivity with the nearest hospitals in any corner of the city whereas Government ambulances have access to only two government hospitals that too in the two corners of the city.


3. Only Hanuman Ambulance is providing the facility to track the live status of your ambulance.


4. Hanuman stays closer to you in times of need, more than any other ambulance services provider.


We treat our customers as God and we have a professional approach with personal care. Out of all the ambulances provided by the government or other private ambulance providers, only 10% are working properly which is the major concern with the service. Hanuman gives you the best ambulances at the cheapest prices.