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Do you know an emergency can happen anywhere, with anybody.


however, in today’s fast paced society it is possible to travel from one place to another within an hour.


And emergency Ambulances have made it possible to save lives within a minute.


Patna is a bustling city enabled with some of the best specialty medical professionals and a well-built healthcare infrastructure.


Nonetheless, there are cases where Doctors refer critical patients to hospitals in the better equipped metropolitans like Delhi and Mumbai.


In such situations of long distance medical transportations, Ambulances play crucial role.


Nowadays, there are several modes of medical transportation available out there which ensures safe and reliable transfer of your loved ones even to the far flung areas.


Want to know what are they and how can you book?


Read on to learn more.


What are the different modes of emergency medical transportation available?


There are several modes of emergency medical transportation available, depending on the severity of the medical condition and the distance.


Some of the common modes of emergency medical transportation include:


1. Road Ambulance:


The existence of Basic Life Support Ambulances are widely known. What needs to be mentioned is the availability of Advanced Life Support Ambulances equipped with the life-saving medical facilities which nowadays are utilized to shift inter-state or inter-district patients in need the critical care on move.


The medical facilities ranges from a basic Oxygen support to well-equipped ICU setups staffed by trained paramedics & emergency medical technicians (EMTs) ensuring the best possible care on the go.


2. Train Ambulance:


The Train Ambulance model ensures Bed-to-Bed transfer of extremely sick patients, leveraging the wide network of Indian railways, an ICU setup is created in 2nd and 1st Tier AC compartments of the fastest moving trains like Rajdhani or Tejas, equipped with the requisite medical facilities for patients and have proven it to be cost efficient, time efficient, safe and reliable for the patients.


Train ambulance services have state-of-the-art medical equipment and certified medical professionals who can provide care during transport.


This is another means of emergency medical transportation and is most preferable by doctors since it has reduced the amount of risk on move.


3. Air Ambulance:


Air ambulances, also known as medical evacuation or medevac aircraft, are used for transporting patients who require urgent medical care over long distances or in remote or hard-to-reach areas.


These aircraft are also equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by medical professionals to provide critical care during air transport.


The choice of mode of emergency medical transportation depends on various factors, including the severity of the medical condition, distance, patient stability, and available resources.


Medical professionals and emergency service providers assess the situation and determine the appropriate mode of transportation suiting the patient’s needs and his ability and willingness to pay.


How to book an Ambulance for Long Distances like Patna to Delhi?


Don’t worry, In essence of adversities and medical emergencies, Hanuman Ambulance is here to serve you anytime and anywhere.


Hanuman assures and provides you with the best ambulance service from Patna to Delhi or Delhi to Patna based on your need.


We suggest you to be Emergency ready. Having an emergency contact with you is as essential as having an OLA/Uber App in your device.


During times of adversities, you could simply reach out & call Hanuman at 9264198199 and render the best emergency service.


In today’s era of Digitalization, Booking an ambulance is as easy as ordering a Pizza.


The existence of smartphones in every household has shaped the existence of an online world.


With just a tap and a call, you can connect with Hanuman’s command center and answering a few questions could actually help the operations and medical teams to better understand your needs and provide you with the best possible care.


With just simple steps you can avoid the complexities of booking an Ambulance.


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What are the facilities available inside an Ambulance?


Hanuman Ambulances are safe and hygienic, equipped with a variety of facilities and medical equipment to provide critical care and transportation for patients in emergencies.


The specific facilities available inside the ambulance may vary depending on the type of ambulance and the level of care it is designed to provide.


However, some common facilities that can be found in many ambulances include:


1. Basic Life Support (BLS) Equipment:


This includes items such as a stretcher, basic medical supplies (e.g., bandages, dressings, splints), an oxygen delivery system, an automated external defibrillator (AED) for cardiac emergencies, and basic airway management tools (e.g., bag-valve-mask).


2. Advanced Life Support (ALS) Equipment:


Some ambulances, such as “ALS ambulances,” having advanced medical equipment for more critical patients.


This can include additional cardiac monitoring devices, advanced airway management tools (e.g., endotracheal tubes), intravenous (IV) supplies for administering medications and fluids, and other specialized equipment for managing serious medical conditions.


3. Communication and Navigation Tools:

Ambulances are equipped with communication devices such as two-way radios, cellular phones, and GPS navigation systems to communicate with dispatch centers and other emergency responders, and to navigate to the scene of the emergency or the hospital.


4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):


Ambulance crews use PPE such as gloves, masks, goggles, and gowns to protect themselves and patients from potential infections and cross-contamination.


5. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System:


Ambulances have HVAC systems to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle, which is important for patient comfort and care.


6. Medical Records and Documentation:


Ambulances may also have electronic medical record systems or paper-based documentation tools for recording patient information, vital signs, and other medical data.


7. Lighting and Power Supply:


Ambulances have interior lighting for providing adequate visibility during patient care, as well as power supplies (e.g., electrical outlets, batteries) to operate medical equipment and devices.


It’s important to note that the specific facilities available inside an ambulance can vary depending on the location, regulations, and type of ambulance.


Different regions and countries may have different requirements and standards for ambulance equipment and facilities.


Hanuman Ambulance works around the clock with its 24*7 service availability without any delay as we value every single life.


Hanuman aims to rescue everyone in their emergency.


There are numerous hospitals where these patient transportations happen every day. It may be Mediversal Hospitals, Medanta Hospital, Ruban, Sharda or any other hospital.


Hanuman is ready to dispatch an ambulance for you within 15 minutes.


Hanuman ambulance services are world-class service providers at reasonable costs.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much train ambulance from Patna to Delhi cost?

The cost of a train ambulance service from Patna to Delhi may vary depending on several factors, including the type of train ambulance, the distance to be covered, the medical condition of the patient, and additional services required.

How to book ambulance in Patna to Delhi?

If You want to book an ambulance from Patna to Delhi whether it's Advanced life support ambulance or Train ambulance service or Air Ambulance, you can directly reach out to Hanuman Ambulance by calling 9264198199.