One Phone Call Can Save a Life: How to Book a Train Ambulance in India

How to book train ambulance

In times of medical emergencies, every second counts. Swift and efficient transportation can often be the difference between life and death. While traditional road ambulances have long been the go-to option, there is a revolutionary medical transportation service in India that has been making a significant impact – Train Ambulances. Although there are no ambulances on Indian trains for private patients, private ambulance service providers have introduced this innovative solution. In this blog, we will explore the concept of Train Ambulances and how they are helping save lives across the country.


Understanding Train Ambulances in India:


Train Ambulances are a unique form of medical transportation that leverages the country’s extensive railway network. In these cases, Class 2AC or 1AC compartments are transformed into portable Intensive Care Units (ICUs) equipped with essential emergency medical equipment. This medical facility is specifically designed to monitor and provide medical care to patients while traveling at high speeds between destinations. It acts as a lifeline for patients who need emergency medical care during their journey.


The Role of Train Ambulance Service Providers:


Private ambulance service providers have recognized the need for efficient medical transportation and have risen to the occasion by introducing Train Ambulance services in India. By leveraging the fastest trains available, these providers ensure rapid and safe transit for patients. Let’s understand how this remarkable service operates.


1. Train Selection:


The selection of the appropriate train plays a crucial role in the success of a Train Ambulance journey. Providers carefully choose trains like the Rajdhani Express, which offer Class 2AC or 1AC compartments. These compartments are converted into mini-ICUs or full-ICUs, complete with movable emergency equipment. The choice of a fast train ensures a swift journey, reducing travel time and enhancing the chances of a positive outcome for the patient.


2. Medical Team:


Each Train Ambulance is equipped with a dedicated medical team consisting of an ICU specialist doctor, a paramedic, and a patient’s attendant. The ICU specialist is responsible for providing critical care and ensuring the patient’s well-being throughout the journey. The paramedic assists the doctor and manages any emergency situations that may arise. The patient’s attendant accompanies them, providing emotional support and assistance.


3. Accommodations:


Typically, four berths are reserved for a Train Ambulance package. One berth is allocated to the patient, one to the doctor, one to the paramedic, and one to the patient’s attendant. This arrangement ensures that the medical team has immediate access to the patient and can administer necessary treatments or interventions promptly. The close proximity allows for constant monitoring, enhancing the safety and care provided.


4. Medical Care during the Journey:


Throughout the train journey, the medical team remains dedicated to the patient’s well-being. They continuously monitor vital signs, administer medications, and provide necessary medical interventions. The focus is to stabilize the patient and ensure their comfort during transit. The medical team’s expertise, combined with the advanced equipment available, creates a safe and conducive environment for medical care.


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How to Book a Train Ambulance with Hanuman Ambulance?


When it comes to availing the best train ambulance service in India, Hanuman Ambulance stands out as a trusted and reliable provider. Booking a train ambulance with Hanuman Ambulance is a straightforward process that can be initiated with a single phone call. The dedicated team at Hanuman Ambulance is available round the clock to assist you in securing prompt and efficient medical transportation via train.


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Here are the simple steps to book a Train Ambulance with Hanuman Ambulance:


Step 1: Call the Hanuman Ambulance helpline number, which operates 24/7, and provide the necessary details about the patient’s condition and the desired destination.


Step 2: The experienced professionals at Hanuman Ambulance will assess the medical requirements and recommend the most suitable train and class for transportation.


Step 3: Once the train and class are finalized, the booking process begins. The team at Hanuman Ambulance takes care of all the necessary arrangements, including securing the required berths and medical equipment.


Step 4: On the day of travel, the medical team, along with the patient and their attendant, board the train. The journey is conducted under the supervision of the expert medical staff, who provide continuous monitoring, care, and treatment to the patient.


Step 5: Upon reaching the destination, the medical team ensures a smooth transition to the receiving healthcare facility, ensuring a seamless continuum of care.




Train Ambulance services offered by Hanuman Ambulance have revolutionized the medical transportation landscape in India. This innovative mode of transferring critically ill patients allows for swift and safe travel while providing vital medical care throughout the journey. With a single phone call, you can avail yourself of this life-saving service and ensure that your loved ones receive timely medical intervention when every minute counts.


Remember, emergencies can strike unexpectedly, and being aware of options like Train Ambulances can help us make informed decisions during critical times. Stay prepared, stay informed, and remember that a single phone call can save a life.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a train ambulance in India?

A train ambulance in India is a unique form of medical transportation that utilizes the extensive railway network. Class 2AC or 1AC compartments are converted by private ambulance service providers into transportable Intensive Care Units (ICUs) outfitted with necessary emergency medical equipment. These facilities are specially designed to monitor and provide medical care to patients while traveling at high speeds between destinations. Train ambulances act as lifelines for patients who require emergency medical care during their journey.

Is train ambulance available in India?

Yes, train ambulances are available in India. They are a valuable mode of medical transportation, particularly for long-distance journeys. Various private ambulance service providers offer train ambulance services in collaboration with the Indian Railways. These services help ensure the timely and safe transfer of patients who require specialized medical attention during their travel.

How do you move a patient by train?

Moving a patient by train involves arranging a train ambulance service. All you have to do is approach Hanuman and leave the rest to him. The patient is accompanied by a team of trained medical professionals who monitor their condition and provide necessary treatment during the journey. Hanuman ensures a smooth and secure transfer of the patient between the starting and destination points.

How can I book a train ambulance in India?

You can contact Hanuman to book train ambulance in India. All you have to do is call 9264198199 where you can book easily from anywhere in India.

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