Emergency Preparations for Chhath Puja celebrations in Patna.

Emergency Preparations for Chhath Puja celebrations in Patna

Chhath Puja is a four-day long and spiritual observance of Lord Surya and chhati Maiyya, on the bank of river Ganga. It is one of the major celebrations and beliefs of people in Bihar and the only occasion when devotees worship the setting sun along with the rising sun.


It is that time of the year of abstinence and purity when devotees keep a fast without water with bathing in ganga and worship God Sun. Anything associated with humans is always a chance of unforeseen health issues. Keep Hanuman ambulance service in Patna helpline number in your speed dial for quick response in a medical emergency.


Huge crowd assembles on the bank of river ganga to worship lord sun, chances of causality and health urgency would be there. The changing weather and arrival of winter hits people in the fresh wave which needs to be taken care of. And this the reason why we need all the emergency arrangements done in prior for safety purpose.


Epilepsy, heart stroke, unconsciousness from longer hour of starving, winter wave, accidents and for any other unforeseen consequences.


An emergency vehicle should be kept prepared with all the equipment in the ambulance and team of paramedics and nurses should be there on the spot to lift people in any urgency and medicate them in meantime.


Essentials of Emergency Medical Services on ghats of river Ganga.


1. Dedicated Paramedics who are honest to their profession in anytime of the year are needed to be present on the banks of ganga for keeping a close eye on devotees incase of accidents and mishappens.


2. Anticipating injuries as per the event would give the medical professionals idea about what consequences could fall and being prepared in advance for the same will save a lot of time and treat the patient in meantime.


3. Measuring the level of water so that, when devotees stand in water at the time of worshipping lord sun they don’t slip or drown in water.


4. Extra care and attention for kids near the banks of the river, as they are very playful and accidents can happen.


5. Pre-hospital care services should be nearest to reach for treating injured, victims and patients at the time of emergency.


6. Do not panic at the time of emergency, it worsens the situation.


7. If you could not feel the pulse or no breathing within 10 seconds, begin chest compressions. Start CPR then and there.


What is the emergency prerequisite that we shouldn’t ignore? 


1. Emergency and Non-emergency ambulances should be there on the spot where the crowd would gather to conduct the puja.


2. A team of paramedics should be there to rescue people in case of any causality or accidents for quick medical response and treatment.


3. A first-aid kit should be handy to respond effectively to any common injuries.


4. Experienced nurses should be present there to medicate patients.


5. Nearby hospitals should be ready in advance enough with the number of beds to admit emergency patients with urgent treatments.


6. An ambulance should have all the life-saving equipment such as a stretcher, emergency medicines, portable oxygen, suction devices, a cardiac pacemaker, a nebulizer, a pulse oximeter, and a sphygmomanometer.


7. The fastest medical transit should be made possible.


These are the essential aspects that should be implemented for emergency arrangements in prior.


Occasions and celebrations are great times to come together and enjoy family time. Meantime, we should take care of our health and safety measures in this time of functions and excitement. No one should push their selves to test one’s capacity by starving in severe health issues. Health is the priority in life over anything.


Do take good care of yourself and of your loved ones.


You can call the Hanuman ambulance service in Patna for any emergency by dialing 9264198199.


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