In case of Head or Spine injury response time matters, act quick!

Head and spine trauma is injuries or accidents that affect the brain or spinal cord or both. The character of spinal cord injury after an accident is acute back pain or constraint in Neck, head, or back.


Head or spine injury’s impact on people:


1. There is evidence of a head injury with an ongoing change in the level of consciousness

2. The complaints of severe pain in the neck or back

3. An injury has applied significant impact on the back or head

4. The complaints of weakness, numbness, lacks of control of limbs, bladder, bowel, and/or Paralysis


An Injury can be divided into two types – complete and incomplete spinal cord injury. A complete spinal cord injury makes permanently harms the region of the spinal cord. Spastic paralysis or muteness is the result of complete spinal cord injuries.


The basic causes of spinal cord injury are:


  • Sudden fall
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Diving accidents
  • Exercise-accidents
  • Criminal-Violence (gunshot or stab wounds)
  • Infections that lead to the emergence of an ulcer on the spinal cord


Head or Spinal cord injury causes inflammation. This inflammation can affect the entire nervous system (including the Brain). And the brain can be very sensitive to inflammation and force.




The brain is a soft and elegant organ. A line-shooter to the head can cause injury to the brain or spinal cord may be with no visible signs of trauma to the skullcap or face. All head injuries are considered serious and should be examined by a super-specialty center or the hospital emergency department.


In the head or spinal injury, avoid moving the head or neck. Provide first aid as soon as possible without moving the head or neck. If the patient shows no signs of breathing, coughing, or movement, begin CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), but do not force the head back to open the airway.


Use fingers to gently hold the jaw and lift it forward. Legs and lower body paralysis can result from damage to the lower part of the spine. Only spinal cord injuries high in the spine have an impact on breathing. Anywhere along the spinal cord that is compromised can impair the ability to control one’s bowels and bladder. Damage to a spinal nerve can result in discomfort, heightened sensitivity, numbness, and muscle weakness.


There are various nerve roots from which pain might arise. Radicular pain is discomfort that originates from just one nerve root. If a person suffers a head injury, loss of consciousness, or becomes confused/disoriented after being injured, one must visit the emergency department of a hospital. If the injury happens quickly (car or bike accident, a steep fall, etc.) and the person feels nauseated or vomiting, one must visit the Doctor as soon as possible.


Surgery is needed to remove bone fragments, foreign objects, herniated discs, or fractured vertebrae that are compressing the spine. Surgery also is needed to stabilize the spine to prevent pain or deformity. Soft neck collars and various braces are options for healing safely and quickly after surgery. In a Head injury, response time matters.


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